Postdoctoral Positions

One postdoctoral position is available in the group for the ab-initio study of ultra-wide bandgap materials. Details are here:

This is a DOE-EFRC post-doc position for the recently instated ULTRA Center at ASU ( 

For further information, please send an e-mail to

Ph.D. Positions

Two Ph.D. positions are available for students in the Department of Physics or the Materials Science and Engineering department. For more information, send an e-mail to

Physics Rotation Projects

The following rotational projects are available in the group for the first year physics graduate students: Send an e-mail to for more information about the individual projects.

M.Sc. and Undergraduate Research Positions

Students from any major interested in thesis projects, research for credit, or summer research please send an e-mail to to start working with the group.