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  • March, XSEDE grants us 3 million core hours of computing time. Thank you for the continued support! 

  • March, Tara, Adway, and Tathagata present at the APS March meeting and TMS meeting. Arunima presents an invited talk at the TMS meeting. Please see recorded talks on the conference websites. We thank all the organizers for the excellent sessions!

  • January, Our study of B4C nanosheets is published in Nanoscale. Congratulations to CMDLab graduate student Adway Gupta and all the authors! 


  • November, Read our study of doped CeO2 grain boundaries in Acta MaterialiaCongratulations to CMDLab graduate student Tara Boland and all the authors! 

  • November, Read our latest Ultramiscropy article on the theory for lattice resolution of vibrational modes in the electron microscope.

  • October, Arunima presented invited talks at the NIST MGI seminar series, Pabna University, and the MS&T 2020. Thank you for the invitation to present CMDLab research!  

  • August, Warm welcome to Ph.D. rotation student Cody Milne. We also welcome three high-school SCENE students, Jessica, Akshaya, and Michelle. 

  • August, Congratulations to Adway Gupta for passing his Ph.D. qualifying examination. 

  • July, CMDLab was awarded DOE Office of Science funding through the EFRC program.

  • July, Our latest article on the discovery of 2D photocatalysts for CO2 reduction is published in Nature npj 2D Materials and Applications. Read it here.

  • May, Tara passes her comprehensive exam. Congratulations!

  • April, Congratulations to Sydney who bagged the John and Richard Jacob Award at the 2020 ASU Physics Undergraduate Research Symposium!  

  • March, XSEDE yet again grants us 1M+ core hours computing time. Thanks for the continued support! 

  • March, APS March meeting talks now online. Find them here and here.

  • February, 50+ presentations made at Computational Discovery and Design of Emerging Materials Symposium that we organized for TMS.  Tara represents CMDLab through three presentations at this conference in San Diego. 

  • January, Arunima elected as an APS GERA executive member. Thanks, APS for the opportunity to serve our energy research community! 



  • December, CMDlab welcomes undergraduate student John Nkuutu who will be working on MOF-enabled catalysis. 

  • November, Ph.D. student Tara Boland joins the CMDlab. A very warm welcome! Tara will be working on ionic-transport in CeO2 grain boundaries and the high-throughput screening of substrates for 2D materials synthesis.

  • October, CMDlab welcomes Rohan Sathe and Aryan Mathur, our SCENE researchers. Thank you, NSF for supporting the research of high-school research enthusiasts. 

  • October, A warm welcome to CMDlab's very first undergraduate student Ashlyn Laird. Ashlyn will be working on the design of tandem catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction.

  • October, Arunima presents her research at the ASU Contemporary Women in Science event. Thank you for the invitation! 

  • October, Our article "Rutile Alloys in the Mn–Sb–O System Stabilize Mn3+ To Enable Oxygen Evolution in Strong Acid" published in ACS Catalysis.

  • August, Arunima Singh joins the Department of Physics at Arizona State University, Tempe.